Grothe / Urmet

The URMET company was founded in Turin, former Italian capital and birth place of telecommunication. Turin, a dynamic city with its origins as the focal point of the industrial innovation, history and culture of Italy.

URMET developed alongside the development of the city: Founded in 1937, the company started off recycling telephone systems and materials for telecommunication before it started to produce telephones.

Some years later, URMET then started to produce and market intercom systems as a logical consequence. The well known "Gettone Telefonico" (specialising in telephone tokens for pay phones) was devised by URMET as well as the first video intercom system (1967) and the 'pre-paid'/'post-paid' telephone card (1981).

Since the beginning of the 90s the company focus (URMET DOMUS SpA) has not only been on house communication technology as a whole but has also expanded into it: Audio and video intercom systems, burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, surveillance technology, heating control, gate opening systems, window and roller shutter technology, switching program and hotel management systems.

URMET DOMUS combines the know-how, the products and the technologies of the individual subsidiaries and pools these to provide perfect solutions for homes, industry and companies. Today, URMET DOMUS is the only Group in the world who is able to offer integrated tailored solutions for 'home automation', building management and communication systems.
The development of the URMET DOMUS Group (more than 40 subsidiaries and investments worldwide, 1,500 employees, 280 million euros turnover) is the result of international acquisitions and the gradual, phased addition of new specialisations which both supplement and use all synergies.